Ozone is nature's most powerful cleanser. Composed of three oxygen atoms (o3), it’s this simple but powerful molecule that is used naturally to clean the atmosphere. Ozone is chemical-free, and emits no harmful by-products. After a short period of time the ozone will break down back to oxygen. Ozone is the clean, fresh scent noticeable after rainstorms. Ozone has been locally tested to completely remove bacterial load in water. In air treatment it is used to eliminate odors, sterilize the air and remove and neutralize pollutants such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and noxious gases. It will also prevent cross contamination of airborne diseases such as flu, salmonella, and E-coli. Because oxygen naturally seeks its normal state, ozone is an unstable, highly reactive form of the gas. As an oxidizer, it is 150 times more powerful than chlorine, and 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria and other microbes. Ozone is effective as a disinfectant and does not leave toxic by-products similar to those related to chlorination.

Food Sterilization

There is no better way to sterilize the food you eat, particularly "whole-muscle meat" (i.e. chicken, steak, fish, pork), fruits and vegetables. These food are exposed to pathogenic (illness-causing) bacteria and harmful chemicals in the process of growing and packaging. Even at retailers where they are purchased, meat, fruits and vegetables are exposed to bacteria from the hands of other customers and employees.

Purification of drinking water

“Approximately 98% of all bottled water manufacturers use ozone to purify their water. Now, you can ozonate your own water in the matter of a few minutes. There is no other more powerful method available to treat and purify water. Ozone is far more effective than filters and other methods at destroying bacteria and other microorganisms. Ozone also improves the taste of your water.

Toothbrush Sanitization

Toothbrush bristles become infected by airborne bacteria (which is especially prevalent in the bathroom), toothpaste residue and food particles from your mouth. Toothbrush can pass along communicable disease and illness when used. Soaking your toothbrush in ozonated water for a few minutes every day will destroy any bacteria that resides on the bristles, ensuring that your mouth is not infiltrated by harmful bacteria every time you brush.

Kitchen/Bathroom Disinfectant

Tests performed by California Polytechnic State University found ozonated water to be very effective at cleaning soil and biofilm from a variety of surfaces. Many other studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of ozone at destroying germs, bacteria and other microbes. Most importantly, ozone cleans without producing chemical residues which are left behind by chemically-based household cleaners. Ozonated water is completely safe and natural and does not leave behind any harmful by-products.

Sterilization of Kitchen Sponges & Rags

Ozone's power as a germicide/fungicide has been well documented. In which case, it will effectively destroy the germs, molds, bacteria and other microbes that thrive in wet kitchen sponges and rags. Ozonated water will also remove the mildew smell.

Sterilization of Utensils and Dishes (especially while cooking)

Salmonella, E.coli and many other pathogens which cause food poisoning can often be found on utensils and dishes particularly while you are cooking. Soaking utensils and dishes that come into contact with meat and vegetables in ozonated water will kill these pathogens. You simply need to ozonate a container of tap water while cooking. Then, if you are using a spatula to turn or handle the meat you can place it in the water between uses. You can also put the plate that places the meat, before it is put in the pan in the ozonated water.

Sanitizer for Hand washing (especially while cooking or handling baby)

One of the most common ways of spreading salmonella, E.coli and other bacteria to food is through the hands of the person preparing the food.Also, babies routinely become ill as a result of the bacteria passed on by those who hold and touch the baby. Babies are much more vulnerable to these bacteria and germs since their immune systems are not well developed yet.
Ozonated water is much more effective at killing bacteria and germs than soap, even anti-microbial soap. In just a couple of minutes, your hands will be sanitized.

Purification of Fish Tanks/Aquariums

Ozone will destroy all bacteria and algae in a fish tank and does not have any harmful effects or whatsoever on the fish inhabiting the tank. Ozone does not produce any chemical residues or harmful by-products. It will simply revert to oxygen after destroying the microbe. Ozone will also increase the dissolved oxygen level of the water. As a result, the fish will be healthier and the water will be clearer.

Sterilization of Children's Toys

Children's toys are a common means for spreading bacteria and germs, leading to illness and infections. All public health related agencies recommend that toys should be washed regularly.

Sterilization of Baby Bottles, Bottle Nipples and Pacifiers

Baby Bottles, bottle nipples and pacifiers are breeding grounds for bacteria, which leads to illness and tooth decay. The frequent moisture of these items allows bacteria to thrive.

The most effective way to destroy bacteria on/in bottles, bottle nipples and pacifiers is through the use of ozonated water. Simply place the bottle, nipple and/or pacifier in a container of tap water just large enough for these objects to be completely submerged. Then, it should take only a few minutes of ozonating the water with the top-Ozone UV-Ozone™ Food Sterilizer to completely sanitize the items.

Sterilization of Medical Instruments

By killing most bacteria and germs in contact, ozonated water also provides a highly effective, practical and economical way for sterilizing medical instruments.

Works as Fridge Purifier (reduces food spoiling and food illness)

Studies show that ozone is effective at destroying food spoiling microorganisms, bacteria and organic chemicals (such as pesticides and additives). This is true whether the ozone is in liquid (ozonated water) or gaseous (ozonated air) form.

Purification of Hot Tub, Spa and Bath Water

Ozone is far more effective and economical than chlorine at destroying bacteria and other microorganisms in spas and hot tubs. As a result, your water becomes clearer and healthier, and will be far less likely to pass on bacteria and germs to those who comes in contact with the hot tub. Ozone does not leave behind any chemical residues that causes damage to the skin and hair.

Ozone can also be added to your bath water for healthier, better-looking, smoother skin by destroying bacteria and germs on your skin. Ozone is extremely lethal for bacteria and germs. By destroying these microbes, your skin will be much healthier.

Relieves Mouth and Throat Infections

Mouth, throat and stomach infections are commonly caused by bacteria which are destroyed by the ozone.To treat oral infections, just ozonate a small glass of water for a few minutes, then you swish the ozonated water around the inside of your mouth for another couple of minutes to achieve the disinfection result.Throat infections are caused by viruses, bacteria or germs (all of which are destroyed by proper ozone levels). To treat throat infections, ozonate a glass of water for a few minutes, then drink it down. Try to allow the water to flow as slowly down your throat as possible. You might also want to gurgle the water for a minute at the back of your mouth before swallowing.

Relieves and Helps to Cure Athlete's Foot and Skin Fungus

Ozonated water is able to destroy the fungi and bacteria that cause athlete's foot (and other foot fungus) and other skin fungi. In addition, fungi and bacteria cannot build up a resistance to ozone like they can against creams. Plus, the fact that you can actually soak your feet in the ozonated water allows better penetration within the deeper layers of the skin.

Destroys plant Fungus

Since ozonated water is effective at destroying fungi in general, it will be able to reduce the amount of plant fungus growth. This will result in healthier plants. It will also reduce odors that fungus-infected plants produce. In addition, fungus in plant pots can lead to mold problems, which can cause allergic reactions and other respiratory problems.

Natural Skin Treatment for Softer, Healthier Skin

Ozone can also be added to your bath water for healthier, smoother skin, by destroying bacteria and germs on your skin. Bacteria and germs on your skin leads to acne, skin disorders, infections and even foul odors. Ozone is extremely lethal for bacteria and germs. By destroying these microbes, your skin will be much healthier.

Mold Removal/Clean up

Since ozonated air and water is able to destroy mold and mold spores, ozone can be very useful if you are trying to remove mold from a surface in your home. You can use ozonated water in washing mold from surfaces to help you to better destroy the mold as you are cleaning it.

Disinfects Dentures

Denture plaque is generally caused by the fungus candida albicans, which effectively destroyed by ozonated water. Denture plaque causes unpleasant odors and infection/inflammation of the gums and the rest of the mouth.


(Handle with care: Ozone should not exceed 0.1ppm in an 8-hour time-weighted period)
The International Ozone Association (IOA) also states that exposure to ozone should not exceed an eight-hour continuous exposure. This limit cannot be exceeded by Ozein since it was designed to run for only 20 minutes every hour. It's standby ozone function automatically shuts off at the 20-minute mark and would restart after 40 minutes. To completely shut off the ozone function, just push the O3 button or turn off the unit and just turn it back on again.

Reduces Bread Mold

(Ozonated air creates a difficult environment for molds to survive and grow. By ozonating the air around your bread, you can reduce mold and increase the shelf-life of the bread.

Removes/Reduces Cooking Odors

(To remove cooking odors, you can point the end of the tube (without the air bubble stone) toward the source of the odor (as close to the source of the odor as possible). You can run the unit continuously until the odor is eliminated.

Disinfects Air in Food Storage Closets/Pantries to Preserve Food

(Ozone also destroy bacteria, fungi (such as mold) and other food spoiling microorganisms when emitted into the air in gaseous form. Independent test have shown the effectiveness of air ozonation on bacteria, fungi, etc.

Removes Odors form Small Rooms, Bathrooms, Closets and Other small spaces

(Ozone is a powerful odor remover when emitted into air, with the ability to remove varieties of odors. It is effective at removing mildew odors, odors from cigarette smoke and any other type of smell.

Removes odors from Clothing and Fabrics

(Ozone is effective in removing odors, such as cigarette smoke from clothing. This could best be done in a small area such as the closet or smell room. Fan these clothes nearby the sterilizer to make sure they received as much as ozone as possible. Let the sterilizer run until the odor is removed.