Palaya Corporation

[pa-la-ya] comes from three Tagalog words: Pala (blessedness), laya (freedom), and aya
(beautiful). This is also our dream for the people surrounding Palaya Corporation; a life that is blessed, free, and beautiful.

brc photoThe company is a vision-made-real for the founder, Mr. Ignacio Colesio, who has earned his stripes in the direct selling arena. He has been learning the ins and outs of the industry through diligence and hard work for over 15 years. Within the industry, he has been a distributor, consultant, director for marketing, CEO for a multinational direct sales company and finally, a founder of a company that he could call his own.

Palaya is a wellness company and believes that it takes foresight and discipline if any person wants to live a long, healthy life. The company believes that one of its "big tasks" is to educate the masses of the importance of a wellness lifestyle: a way of living where prevention, instead of cure, is the core health value.

If education of the masses is the main task, then this task should be rewarded generously for it to be accomplished. One of Palaya's founding beliefs is "what gets rewarded, gets done". The company is designed and geared to generously reward its hardworking partners who will share the story and vision of Palaya.

It is the company's hope to lead a team of hardworking people who will be captured by a dream of a healthier Philippines.

510 Tower B, Regalia Tower Suites,
P. Tuazon Avenue, Cubao,
Quezon City, Philippines
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Phone: +63 2 7093671